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We appreciate your additional investment and support of Hortonville baseball. 

If you believe your name should be listed and you don't see it here, contact us and we will address any errors on our part.

2024 Booster Club Members - REGISTRATION IS OPEN!
Last updated 4/16/2024
Joe & Emily Armstrong* Corey & Jessica Godina Doug & Jenni Pomrening
Mark & Kim Baehman Robyn & Art Gruner Beth & Pat Raaths
Joel Bartels James Harris Bernard & Sherri Racine
Jay & Jessica Baumbach Donnie & Kristeen Jahner* Justin & Christy Reiland
Gene & Gina Becker Tim & Debbie Jens Joseph & Jennie Roesler*
Tony & Mary Berrens Erik & Jennifer Johnson Scott & Tamara Rozmarynowski
Kurt & Kelly Bertram Lindsay Kastner AJ & Deanna Schmude
Todd Brantner Tony & Cari Kramer Anne & Doug Schramm
Christopher & Amanda Choudoir Cory Krause Corey & Jackie Skalmoski
Paul & Jamie Christensen Ryan & Julie Krause* Justin & Angie Smith*
Jeremy & Elizabeth Coenen Nick & Rachel Locy Nick Steudel
Dan & Heidi Dahle* Mark & Taya Lund Travis & Vicki Tank*
David & Amanda DeHaai Marc McVay Michael & Niki Tennie
Carlos & Linda Enriquez Erik & Tricia Morrell* Steve & Tricia Voelz
Cindy & Josh Foster Jess & Patrick Pantzlaff* Andy & Buffy Wankey*
Dan & Juanita Frankfurth Pat & Amy Pedersen Don & Judy Williams
Donna Frye Eric & Amanda Peters* Jake & Brenda Wolter
Dan & Jenny Furman Andy & Erin Plamann* Gus & Melissa Wuest
Brian & Kristin Gebauer   Greg & Pam Yeager*

*Denotes  HBBC Board Member

2023 Booster Club Members
Joe Armstrong Mike & Jennifer "Lindsay" Hostettler Bob & Sally Randa
Mark & Kim Baehman Jeff & Debbie Hunter Justin & Christy Reiland
Gene & Gina Becker Kristeen & Donnie Jahner Ryan & Lyn Rosenow
Bryan & Jess Bender Tim & Debbie Jens Tamara & Scott Rozmarynowski
Tony & Mary Berrens Erik Johnson AJ & Deanna Schmude
Jim & Beth Burns Craig & Heidi Kamphuis* Jeff & Lisa Schultze
Brad Butterfield* Lindsay Kastner Lisa & Allan Schwobe
Josh & Jill Carter Tony & Cari Kramer Corey Skalmoski
Christopher & Amanda Choudoir Cory & Kelly Krause Rachel & Kevin Sommer*
Paul & Jamie Christensen Ryan & Julie Krause* Andy & Sherah Sroka
Jeremy & Elizebeth Coenen Jeff & Paula Lebeck Nick & Sasha Steudel
Dan & Heidi Dahle* Kim & Matt Liebhart Travis & Vicki Tank*
Eric & Susan Eisenhauer Joshua & Katie Lorge Tim & Julie Timm
Jon & Ann Fischer Mark & Taya Lund Jaime Varela
Donna Frye Peter & Kay (LJ) Mahan Michael & Jessica Vela
Brian & Kristin Gebauer Jodi & Dave Much Steven & Trica Voelz
Mark & Kristi Gonzalez Dave & Jennifer (Fern) Mueller Andy & Buffy Wankey*
Jamey & Monica Gosz Kimberly & Brian Mulroy Adam & April Welbes
Eric Grams Tess & Todd Nasi Don & Judy Williams
Robyn & Art Gruner* Patrick & Jessica Pantzlaff Jake & Brenda Wolter
James Harris Eric & Amanda Peters* Greg & Pam Yeager*
Nathan & Christie Hintz Doug & Jenny Pomrening  

*Denotes  HBBC Board Member

BECOME A Booster Club Member TODAY!

Please see this attached form (CLICK HERE) on how you and your family can become a Hortonville Baseball Booster Club Member! 

*Link for online registration and payment is below*

Your $50 Annual Membership includes:

  • Your first/last name on a banner displayed all season at Commercial Club Park & listed in any printed program where applicable (if payment is received by end of March)
  • Hortonville baseball window cling (while supplies last)
  • Recognition on our social media platforms
  • Attend our Members Only meeting! Join us for pizza & beverages while you hear updates about the Booster Club, meet other members, etc. Watch for dates and location!
  • Support for the Hortonville Baseball program (13u, 14u, Freshman, JV, Varsity)

Booster Club FAQs

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) about Booster Club membership:

Q: Do I need to have a son playing Hortonville baseball to join?

A: NO! All are welcome to join the Hortonville Baseball Booster Club - we welcome the support of anyone in the community!

Q: Are all families of Hortonville baseball players automatically Booster Club members?

A: No - Only those individuals/families who have submitted the Booster Club form and $50 annual fee are members of the Booster Club.

Q: Is there a deadline, and can I still join the Booster Club after it passes?

A: YES! The deadline is set for printing any materials where the Booster Club membership list will be displayed (i.e.; banner, program, etc.). You still gain many benefits if you join any time of the year.

Q: Should Hortonville Alumni be Booster Club members?

A: YES! Please continue to support Hortonville baseball by becoming a Booster Club member every year. Help us bring an excellent experience to all our team members - today and in the future.